Field House

Aikido Association of America–Japanese Culture Center
Category: Aikido

Awaodori Chicago
Category: Dance

Chicago Futabakai Japanese School
Category: Dance & Drum

Chicago Kendo Dojo
Category: Kendo

Chicago St. Matthew’s Eisah Team “Chim Don Don”
Category: Dance

Fuko Kyudojo
Category: Kyudo
For more info about Fuko Kyudojo, visit us on Facebook.

Kokushikan Judo Academy
Category: Judo

Matsumoto Shidokan Karate
Category: Karate

Midwest Buddhist Temple Taiko Group
Category: Drum

Mugai Ryu Chicago
Category: Iaido

Renshinkan Karate
Category: Karate

Sojokan Dojo – Shinkendo
Category: Shinkendo

Tsukasa Taiko/ Mr. Tatsu Aoki
Category: Drum


Chicago Koto Group
Category: Music

Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai
Category: Drum

Choir Futaba
Category: Chorus

Hanauta Duo
Category: Music

Kokyo Taiko
Category: Drum

Midwest Conservatory of Music
Category: Music

Na Kupuna Ukulele Club
Category: Ukulele

Nami Sagara
Category: Music

Peter Walker & Miwa Rifu
Category: Dance

Kazume Mizuki
Category: Dance


Board Room

Urasenke Chicago Assoc.
Category: Tea Ceremony

Board Room is separated from the other locations.
Please check the location and performance times on the program.

Information is as of today. Subject to Change.

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