Special Exhibition

Los Angeles Tanabata Festival

Celebrate the star-crossed lovers of the Los Angeles Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival is inspired on the love story of a lowly cow herder and a young beautiful princess.Over 2,000 years ago according to Chinese folklore, two stars, Vega (a weaver) and Altair (a cow herder), fell in love and married.
The Sky King, Vega’s father, was unhappy with the lovers for no longer carrying for their respective duties of weaving fabrics and tending to the herd, he separated the lovers to opposite sides of the Milky Way river. However, the Sky King allowed the lovers to meet once a year on July 7th.
On July 7th, a flock of magpies link their wings together to form a bridge. If it rained, the magpies were not able to fly and the lovers would have to wait for another full year.
“Earthlings” began writing wishes on pieces of paper (tanzaku) and hanging them on bamboo trees for clear skies on July 7th.
By creating a kazari we celebrate the love of two stars and the wish for a loving future.

Website: www.tanabatalosangeles.org
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