Special Exhibition: Paper Cutout Artist, Hyakkimaru

Paper Cutting Art “Kiri-e” Exhibit & Demonstration by Hyakkimaru

Location: Field House




Artwork from paper-cutout (“kiri-e”) artist, Hyakkimaru, has been featured on more than 800 novel covers in Japan, and that number rises to 10,000 if you include his illustrations appearing in magazines and newspapers.

After graduating from Toyo University Faculty of Science and Engineering’s Department of Architecture, Hyakkimaru made his artistic debut as a kiri-e artist when he was 29 years old.

Hyakkimaru’s paper cutting art creations are unique in their human motions and facial expressions, and he is finding new audiences in the U.S. “After nearly 40 years as an artist, I am thinking about my role in society and my future. With my talent, I want to pursue further possibilities in paper cutting art. My career is not only about creating book covers and illustrations but also other expressions such as 3D cutting arts, large-scale cutting arts, and cutting arts performances,” Hyakkimaru said in an interview. Further information about Hyakkimaru is available at: 


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